Wednesday, January 5, 2011

And what an adventure it was!!

I said I was ready for new adventure, and what an adventure it was!!

Hubby left with fil to pick up mil from the nursing home while the boys and I finished getting ready to go.  We were standing in the driveway with the car running when they pulled in.  I glanced over at the pasture and saw a hoof wiggling around in an odd fashion, just behind a cow.

Sugar was down.  She slipped on the ice a few days ago, and has a bad limp.  I think she laid down on purpose, but she couldn't get back up on her own.  We got her back up on her feet and walked her over to the milk room to spend the night.  Gave her fresh hay, some oats, and horse aspirin.  As soon as she got inside she started the crazies, which may have helped with her recuperation.  Sugar was probably kept in a small stall in her former life.  When we tie her up to saddle her, or in this case, lock her up for the night, she starts swinging back and forth, making huge circles with her neck, staring into space.  The crazies kept her on her feet and got the blood flowing again.  All good.

So, we finally left, an hour or so late, and now out of gas, because I don't stop to worry about silly things like shutting off my car when I have a horse down.  We also had to stop at the store to pick up a new magic bullet (yes, it truly died this time) and salt for bil, who's driveway is reportedly a mess.  We left fil on the highway, and we turned off to go into Kirkland Lake.  Quick run through Canadian Tire, and we were back on the road.  Hubby calls fil to see how far they've made it, and we'll catch up in 5 minutes.  OMG!  He is driving like a loon.  Right by a cop.  Oh joy.  20 minutes later we are on our way again, $53 poorer.

We get off the highway and start down the crazy ass long, windy, hilly road to bil's place.  Hubby starts picking up speed again.  He drives me crazy.  There is a moose walking off the road as we round the bend.  We just catch his rear end in the tail lights.  A sane person would hit the brakes.  Slow down.  Give the moose lots of room.  Not my hubby.  He speeds up and aims for it.  'Cause, you know, he wants to get a better look.  And it's already off the road.  You stupid ass.  That's all I can think.  Very lucky that the moose didn't decide to play who's the stupidest with hubby and head back toward the road.  Damn city slicker.

It's about this time that my car starts making clunky grinding noises at every bend.

It's always good to make sure Mama's in a good mood before asking her to spend the evening with the in-laws.  'Cause if Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy...

We finally arrive.  About three hours late.  Bil's house is on a hill, but down hill from the road.  Down, then up.  The whole thing is an ice rink.  Seriously.  I should have brought my skates.  Hubby backs fils car in, and it slides back down the hill after he put it in park.  Oh joy.  Bil takes a stab at it, and manages to back it far enough onto the 'lawn' to keep it from sliding away.  Another hour or so, getting mil out of the car, into the wheel chair, up another hill, through the snow, and into the house.

Everyone is finally in the house, and my heart breaks as I watch my two nieces who haven't seen their grandmother in a couple of years, trying to talk to her and show off their babies.  One handles it ok, the other is visably distraught.  It's hard to explain mils condition to people who haven't seen her in a long time.  She stares into space, ignoring the babies plopped in front of her, mumbling incoherently.  It's horrible.

Sil, who has been cooking for two days- two turkeys, all the trimmings, pies, etc., apologizes for everything being cold.  As if she planned it that way.  On the one hand I feel bad because her meal was all but ruined, on the other hand, I think they finally understand what I go through every time they come to spend the day at our place.

I got mil's pills ready for her and niece 2 of 6 attempted feeding her.  She has no teeth left, and difficulty swallowing, so all of her food has to be ground up.  Her pills are crushed and mixed with a bit of apple sauce.  She takes one mouthful, gets the horrible taste, and refuses to open her mouth again.  Bil takes over.  He gets two more spoonfuls into her.  Niece 6 of 6 tries for a bit.  No luck.  Bil again.  One spoonful left.  She won't take it.  They threaten her.  They try to bribe her.  They give up.  It is my job to sit and wait and make her eat it while she stares at me hatefully.  I guess I should be grateful, because at least with me I know she's still in there.  She doesn't stare into space and ignore me.  But she does hate me ever so much more than she used to.  She knows I will not give up, I will not go away.  I will sit there as long as it takes holding that spoon in front of her mouth.  She finally does.  She gets to eat her supper.

An hour later she is drifting off at the table.  We have to get her back to the nursing home.  The procedure to get her loaded into the car starts again.  Another hour and we are on our way.  Hubby drives them in fils car, because he can't see well enough to drive at night.  I get to enjoy a peaceful ride home by myself, my children all sleeping.  Just me, the radio, and the grinding clunk of my car at every bend.                                                                     

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  1. Hmmm, I did not see this post until just now. I wonder why. Interesting that you, the hated one, are the one left with the job of being stern. I suppose it is best for her family to not have to be the "mean" one to her. All that driving on ice and the car sliding sure frightens me. You do have some adventures. But, then, you do have kids, animals, husband, and inlaws...none of which I have. Oh, I do have grown children far away. Maybe I could report the adventures of strangers or neighbors...LOL.