Sunday, April 30, 2017

And then it was Gone

March 10, 2017.

House fire.  Probably electrical.  Too much damage to tell.

We're left with a pile of rubble surrounding the basement.


Lost a dog and two kittens.  Yappy, Miniature and Duplicate.

And Stuff.  It's just stuff.  It's replaceable.


Every little memory tucked away in that house.

My acorn, knives, photo albums.  Everything from my dad.  The measuring wall.  The crystal vase my brother gave me for my 16th birthday.  My seeds.  The Boys' badges and medals.

So much stuff.

It's just stuff.

We're alive.

Broken hearted, but alive.


  1. My deepest sympathy on the loss of your house and belongings. Are you able to rebuild? What seeds do you need for this year's planting? Or are you staying somewhere now where you won't be able to garden this summer? Let me know if there is something with which I can help.

    1. Thank you. We will be rebuilding. We were insured, so at least the financial part is taken care of. It's the emotional, and the home made, and the work that went into things that can't be replaced.

      I was able to reorder most of the seed I've bought in the past. A few things, like my preferred short season corn was out of stock. But then there are the years that I've spent acclimating seed to my garden that only time can replace. I had a variety of annuals, some with medicinal purposes, peppers and tomatoes, that I didn't order. I got them from a seed exchange that unfortunately doesn't exist anymore. I'll be ok without them. The garden will be different this year. No sunroom, no plant stands, no seeds started this year. I'll be buying a fair bit from the greenhouses when I'm ready to plant.

  2. oh Wendy - we've been without internet since last tuesday and just got it back a few hours ago which is why i am only seeing this post now...and a big thank you to Mrs. S. who tipped me off in a blog comment.

    i don't know where to start. i sooo understand how much work your family, and i mean all of your family, had put into your wonderful home! i am sooo sorry that you lost all of your Dad's stuff - i can only imagine how cool your Dad's stuff must have been based on the stuff he taught you! your family has always been mine and jambaloney's "Wendy and family are the real deal! let's use every bit of knowledge they share and learn from them!"!!!

    i truly feel the loss of seeds as jam and i lost all of ours, saved and nurtured over 8 yrs, to a flood. had to start seeds from scratch and some, like you say, you darn near perfected! are there any seeds that i can send you? please - don't hesitate to ask!

    can i ask where you are staying? and how you are all doing? you may or may not still have my personal email address but if you do still have it, send any info on how we can help to that email address. if you don't still have it, send info to

    i'm sitting here crying and now i have to tell this news to jambaloney. he'll be broken-hearted, as am i, for all of you.

    i know it's just stuff - a good deal of it is. but some of that stuff meant the world to you and your family and i just hope that you all will give yourselves the time you need to grieve. and hug each other a lot. i will send you an email with my phone number (although i am pretty sure you have it). please call if you want to talk, or a shoulder, or information about tire gardening - bahahahah!

    we are sending all of our love to you and all of yours!~ your friend, always,

    1. Thanks, kymber. I didn't order any annuals other than veg, so if you have extra flowers or herbs, that would be great.
      Box 316 Ramore, Ontario, P0K 1R0

      Where we're staying - see today's long winded post.

      What we need? We don't know. Let me write a post on shopping. and how insurance works. and salt and pepper shakers... and bicycles...

      Thanks for listening. That's what got me writing again. I just needed to let it out.

    2. oh Wendy - there is a big box of surprise coming your way! i saw today's post...jeesh. it's amazing what people made of iron can live with eh? yer not our heroes for no small reason.

      let us know if we got any junk that you can use. we know that you guys are like us...if it's useable, you'll use it. we got a bunch of crap laying around that you guys might be able to use.

      i am just so glad that you are back to posting...missed you a bunch!

      sending love, always. your friend,

  3. I am very sorry to hear that Wendy. I cannot even imagine - for us as well, it would be the memories connected to the stuff, not the stuff in and of itself.

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