Tuesday, July 28, 2015

More Milking Adventures

We've kept up the routine for the past few days, letting Majesty out in the morning, keeping Queenie in the milk room pen.  They don't seem to suffer any kind of separation anxiety, until Majesty returns bellowing around 6pm.  Then she wants in and she wants in NOW.

We've been taking between 3.5- 4 Cups of milk from her, then letting her in with Queenie to finish the job.  After Queenie finishes nursing, I go out to check on Majesty.  Her left side udder is still tight and full. 

Last night #1 let her in to the pen to let Queenie nurse first.  After she finished, he milked Majesty's left side dry.  9.25 Cups of milk!  Half holstein does seem to be plenty of milk for us after all! 

This morning I checked Majesty's udders.  They're no worse for wear, and Queenie does not appear to have suffered from lack of milk through the night.

I think we'll continue this way, draining one side after Queenie nurses unless any problems develop.

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