Thursday, July 2, 2015

Greenhouse Gardening

I didn't do any soil amendments in the greenhouses this spring, and I think it's really 'showing' in Greenhouse #1 and #3.  I normally add the chicken coop cleanings and sometimes fresh manure, but with the quad broke down, I just went ahead and planted this year.  These two greenhouses are both very dry.  Greenhouse #2 is doing well, but I had added a lot of wood chips and bark to it a couple of years ago, which has mostly broken down now, leaving a rich, moist soil.

Greenhouse #1
The beans are up.  A couple of pumpkins on the left side (new seed).  Corn is very spotty.  Weeds are doing great.

Centre line - watermelons are ok.  I filled a couple of empty spots with extra cucumbers my mother had started.  Radishes and peas doing well.  Nasturtiums and sunflowers small.

Right side- Beans good, corn spotty, no pumpkins (saved seed).  Weeds healthy.

Greenhouse #2

Right side - Brussel sprouts and broccoli both spotty.  I lost quite a few transplants.  I am thinking I will direct sow both next year when I do the companion plants.  Beets, spinach, swiss chard all doing great.  No onions.  I think I need to add them a little later.  I tossed some broccoli seed in last week.  I figure it can't hurt, although it's probably too late in the season to form heads.

Centre line - Radishes are huge.  Still no sign of Far North Melons after second seeding.  Sunflowers, peas ok.

Left side - I may have 'weeded' out some kale when it was little.  I almost pulled some the other day, and then I did an 'oh, wait, what is that...'  and then remembered that I put the kale there.  What's left is doing well.  Cabbage is a bit spotty, but better than the brussels and broccoli.  Companion plants doing really well.  Dill has come up all over the back end.

Greenhouse #3

Tomatoes were doing well but have started yellowing.  I need to do some research and find out what they need.  Peppers are ok.  Carrots are doing really well.  I left the pop bottles full of water in to help keep the plants warm over night.

Centre line - Radishes ok.  Cucumbers, sunflowers, peas all good.  Dill spread along the back.

I still have romaine and a couple of extra tomatoes to transplant.  They were looking pretty dead in the house, but have perked up out in the greenhouse.

I will add the chicken bedding down the centre aisles when I finish cleaning out the coop.  Hopefully it will help with moisture retention, and at least it'll be there to mix into the soil next year.

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