Friday, August 8, 2014


Pumpkin Ville
The first week of August has passed.  I'm a bit behind.  Last year I started pinching off the suckers on the tomato plants on the first of August.  This year, I started yesterday.  We haven't had any frost warnings yet, so, so far, I'm not picking any tomatoes.

I cut the ends off the pumpkin vines.  So sad...  They were doing so great, and buried in the mass of weeds I've seen a few good sized pumpkins already.  Never the less, I need the plants to get serious about ripening the pumpkins I already have, not growing more vine.

I cut the ends off of some of the Far North Melons as well.  Some of them are buried in the pumpkin mess, and I have no idea how they're faring.  I love the sight of the little melons.  They look like tiny watermelons, with speckled skin.  So cute, lol.

I'm not holding much hope for the watermelons.  Still flowering, but I haven't seen any melons starting.  Not much time left now.


  1. How early can you get frost? We haven't even thought about frost. That will be about Thanksgiving, end of November. Tiny, unripe baby fruit is like newborn chicks or kittens because I go "awwww."

    1. We seem to be susceptible to frost at any time of the year. Late spring frosts can happen in June or July, early fall frosts in August or September. :( The earliest fall frost that I remember since we moved here, was about the middle of August. Lows overnight are already dropping to single digits. (33-48°F), so anything is possible. We haven't had a year yet that we've actually made it to October (our frost date by growing zones) without frost. We always have to work towards the worst case scenario. More greenhouses, more plastic...

    2. Wendy,
      That seems like a bummer to always have to watch out for frost. Do you ever have sandal weather?

    3. It gets warm enough in the afternoons for sandals, but there are only a few days a year that the bugs aren't ready to chew your feet off, lol. I wear shorts and sandals maybe 3-4 times per year, usually when I'm going to town.