Friday, August 15, 2014

More Rain

We had a short break in the rain this morning, so I ran out to water the greenhouses.
Weeds, and a few veggies, enjoying the rain.
Except when I got there, I had no water.  Back to the house- did I forget to turn on the hose?  Nope, it's on.  I turned it up a little.

Back to the garden.  No water.  Walk back, tracing the hose step by step.  No kinks.

Raining again.  Forget it.  Go shut the hose off.  Well, there you go.  I guess I forgot to switch the splitter from pasture to garden.  Maybe later...

After three days of rain, and a high of 9°C (48°F) yesterday, I finally gave in and lit a fire last night.  I hate wasting fire wood this early in the year, but shivering all night isn't likely to motivate me to doing anything productive today.

It's our anniversary today.  15 months since Dad died.  I'm ok with the word 'happy' now.  The first year every time someone said 'happy', I either cried or looked at them like they had sprouted another head.  Happy Birthday, Happy Mother's Day, Happy Hallowe'en, Happy New Year...  Seriously?  Happy seemed like such a cruel concept.

I'm still not happy.  But at least I'm not crying.  And I guess you only have one head now.


  1. Okay, fifteen months since what? Since you married? Okay, Happy Anniversary! Sometimes, I cry for my mother and she has been dead for 22 years. I only need one head since this one is too much some days.

    At least you found out why you did not have water. I was hoping it was no something catastrophic.

    1. I am tired and reread. I see it has been 15 months since your father died. But, the anniversary was your marriage?

    2. Yes, our wedding anniversary, which inspires people to say 'happy anniversary', which I'm ok with now. I didn't word that very well.