Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Garden Update II

organizing seeds
tomatoes and green peppers in pop bottle greenhouses
Garden 2011

Well... Where to begin.  Dates and temps first, I guess.

May 22- Spinach, beets, lettuce, turnip, radish, cabbage- planted outside.   Greenhouse current 78, low 39, high 134.  I moved the plant stands to the centre of the greenhouse.
May 24- Greenhouse current 55, low 38, high 105.  Tiny little flakes of snow.  Peas poking through the ground.
May 25- Greenhouse current 106, low 27, high 110. No new damages.  Rhubarb is doing well in the forest garden.  Better in the garden and the flower bed than last year.  Picked 5 spears of asparagus.

May 27- New pumpkins sprouting. Greenhouse current 108, low 26, high 109.

May 31- Brussel sprouts, cauliflower, and broccoli transplanted in the greenhouse and outside. Greenhouse current 118, low 34, high 121.

 I put 10 out of 12 brussels sprouts in along the back wall.  The other two went outside.  Husband bought the brussels sprouts started for me in Sault St. Marie.  I couldn't find any seed for them this year.  The cauliflower is on the east wall, and the broccoli is on the west wall.  I put one cucumber plant in each of the back corners, in front of the water buckets.  I had 5 small tomato seedlings left inside- the ones I started in March or April, when the first batch of Starfires hadn't germinated well.  They went in two on each side, and one against the south wall.  I may regret that later, but for the moment we aren't supposed to have any nose dives in temperature.

The weather has been wonky, and the wind has been pretty ferocious for this time of year.  I get up in the morning and I don't know whether to put on shorts or a sweater.  Then the black flies arrived, so no worries.  I'd rather sweat than leave any skin exposed...

The remaining cauliflower and broccoli each filled a row outside.  Then I started on the beans.  This is the year of the bean.  The day I bought my bean seeds I bought a packet of every variety I could find, at every store I went to.  Yesterday I planted them.  There's a short row of each variety in the greenhouse, between the tomatoes, on the east side.  Then the remainder were planted outside.

McKenzie- Stringless Green Pod

McKenzie- Tendergreen Improved
McKenzie- Contender, Heirloom Classic
McKenzie- Greencrop
Pike- Dwarf Green Stringless
Pike- Labrador
Matchless- Tendergreen

I saved one packet to experiment in the forest garden.  I also have a packet of pole beans to plant still, that will be going in the forest garden.

Husband and #2 finished rototilling the garden for me yesterday.  It's too small!!  I think I say that every year though.  Then we went to see #1's concert at school.  I checked my greenhouse when we got home- just to make sure the seedlings had enough water.  Good thing I checked!  The wind ripped off the plastic and 1X3 on the east side and was flapping it back and forth over top of the seedlings!  A quick repair, and everything but one tomato seems to have recovered this morning.

June 1- Greenhouse current 68, low 62, high 118.  It rained most of the night and the garden is still dry, dry, dry...  

To be continued...

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