Monday, February 7, 2011

And then there was one.

After about two weeks of rummaging through the freezer, looking for something "good" to eat, we finally had a milder day, and I headed out to the garage.  The freezers are now combined into one. 

We still have plenty of food to last the winter, but the rummaging for something "good" isn't likely to stop any time soon.  Well, actually, it won't be rummaging any more- it's all neat and organized now, but yearning for something good to magically appear will continue.

By good, I mean BEEF.  I am grateful for the half a pig or so, still residing in the freezer, as well as the chickens.  The rabbits will feed the kids, but I'm cooking them when I can eat leftovers.  I am sick of rabbit- it's never been one of my favourites.  But I'm pretty much sick of everything, now.  The same thing, over and over- it wears on you.  I want BEEF.

Husband has vetoed the hanging cow in the cold room plan, on the grounds that it will be too heavy and awkward to carry downstairs.  So I have to wait until spring, and then I am once again dependent on the weather cooperating. 

In the meantime, I am going to find out what meatloaf, lasagna, stew, and salisbury steak taste like when made from pork.  The chili was edible, so it can't be that bad, can it?  I want BEEF!


  1. Why is it that we rummage and open doors, thinking something that was not there the last two dozen times we looked will suddenly appear. Beef? I am rummaging for chicken! I will have to eat a hamburger or the meatloaf I cooked this weekend. Rats! I will swap you.

    Well, nice visiting, but Fancy just laid an egg and is singing, so to save the neighbors ears, I must go tend to her ego and collect my egg.

  2. Go into your freezer..there is a bag with hamburger that I left..use it and enjoy!!!