Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Even though we had snow on the weekend, I think it's fairly safe to say that spring has finally arrived.  There's a lot of melt going on, so I moved the geese out of the winter coop.
There's a bit of a flood between the raspberries and the 'turkey' pen, so for now I'm leaving the gate open to let them play. 
They were so happy splashing and dunking in the water.
And maybe, if we're lucky, they might decide to give us a few goslings.  There were two eggs in their pen yesterday morning.
We know we have girls, but do we have a boy?  Fingers crossed!

The chickens will be staying in the winter coop for a while yet.  The weather is still pretty cold, I still have too many roosters, and they're laying so well I don't want to disturb them right now.  We still have a fair bit of snow to melt away along the ditches and tree lines, so it won't be too long now until I get started butchering those birds!


  1. Ducks always look so happy in water. I suppose the dogs keep them from being eaten? When I was raising my first chickens, I guessed which were boys by their rowdy behavior!

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