Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Free Chicken Feed

So simple...

A few days ago I watched this video.

How easy is that?  I went to Lawton's site, watched the full video, and the follow up videos.   So easy.  When the chicken's free ranged they were always digging through the compost piles.  It never occurred to me to give them their own compost piles after we beefed up their security.
#4 unloading a trailer of heavily worm infested compost.
We've always given the birds the kitchen scraps, and weeds.  I've done the maggot buckets- meat in a five gallon pail for flies to lay their eggs on.
Building up a nice pile of barnyard waste.
 I've given them sunflower seeds, sprouted trays of barley, wheat, and lentils.  I've given them ant infested logs and the occasional scoop of doggy stew.  I still pay way more than I want to for grains.

Minutes after we left the pen.

And all this time, the answer was right there in front of me.  Free for the taking.
Happy birds working their way through a free lunch.
So sad that I didn't see this earlier in the year.  I'll be aiming for a grain free summer next year.  For this year, I'll watch and see how long a pile of manure keeps them entertained. 


  1. My chickens always got into my compost pile. But, there was no manure. That sort of makes me ill to think of their eating manure. Mine sure spend more time in the compost than it would take to get out what I throw in, so I am sure they find worms or bugs. I am going to check this out thoroughly. I will never have piles of compost/manure like he does. You do have more room than I.

    1. I won't be making piles of compost/manure that big either. The pen is probably big enough that I could put one row like his in, but that would be a lot of work. I'll add to this pile for a while- maybe it will get that high, but certainly not as long- then start a new pile and move this one to the garden.

      It's been 4 days now, and they've already started losing interest in the pile, except when I drop new scraps on it.