Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Greenhouse #3

Construction is mostly complete!  It still needs a door, but with only one goat roaming this year, keeping her out of the garden hasn't been too much of a hassle.

The 20' wide plastic leaves me about a foot high on each side.  In retrospect, we should have draped it over from side to side, but for this year it will work out well.

Nothing but vines inside.  They'll all creep out under the plastic as they grow. I had pumpkins, far north melons, and watermelons getting a little crazy in the house.  Now they've got room to stretch out and enjoy the summer.

The view of the three greenhouses together- and the 'hay field' surrounding them.  This section of the garden wasn't used much last year, and hasn't been tilled this year.  The twitch grass is running rampant again.  If only I could get it to grow like that IN the pasture.  Sigh.


  1. Wendy - i am glad to see you posting again! your greenhouses are awesome! you will get a doozy of a harvest this year! because of our greenhouse, i started my tomatoes and peppers waaaay early - now i have 4ft tall tomatoe plants in pots in the greenhouse that need to go into the ground but can't get 2 straight days of sun - arghgghghgh! i love our greenhouse but i think this year we will build another greenhouse similar to yours. that way when we start the squashes and melons and such we can put them straight into the ground in a greenhouse like yours.

    much love to you and yours always. your friend,

  2. Thanks kymber. I've been following along on your blog. :) Everything is growing great your way! I always want more space. There's always something that would do better in the greenhouse if I just had a bit more room! lol. Hoping for some sunshine your way!