Monday, March 3, 2014


I mentioned before that there's a logging company working on the crown land behind our property.  We're low on firewood.  The weather wasn't too bad- only -20°C, sunny, tiny snowflakes, so we decided to go check out where they were cutting.  The last time they cut, it was way back into the bush and they had to put a bridge in to get their trucks across.  We couldn't get to the scrap piles in the spring.
Check it out- brand new road.  It's in better shape than the road we live on- wider, too.  It's not too far in, just past the first turn off down the trail.

They're leaving big scrap piles off to the sides, mostly pine, and a fair bit of birch. 

It's a lot of waste.  Easy cutting for us, and we should still be able to get to most of it in the spring.
We filled our trailer twice in less than two hours.

Husband decided to climb up on top and cut off logs to toss down.
Mom came out with us on the second trip.

We barely made a dent in the first pile we tackled. 

Husband talked to some of the loggers.  They expect to be finished by next weekend.  They say the new trail goes back to a small lake.

If we're lucky and don't get a ton of snow dumped on us for awhile, we might be able to keep working on it until spring melt.  We should definitely be able to get enough wood to get us through the rest of the winter between yesterday and next weekend. 


  1. That is a waste! But, your gain, thankfully. Can you get enough for next winter from their leavings?

    1. It'll depend partly on the weather, and partly on how many people come out to get some. If it was just us, there's probably enough firewood there for 3-4 years. How much we'll be able to access will depend on weather, and what the road is like in the spring/summer, without the snow pack on top.