Friday, June 21, 2013


Miss Mildred is out loose.  She likes to follow me.  She likes to follow me as I weed and pull grass for the birds.  She likes to eat beside me as I work.  She likes to steal out of my bucket instead of picking her own!

Then she follows me to the turkey pen.  She whimpers as I take my bucket to the birds.  Have you ever heard a cow whimper?  It's like a moo crossed with a sigh.  I tell her to pick her own.

She guards the garden gate while I work.  I won't let her inside without being tied, and she keeps breaking things when she's tied.  So she stands outside the gate and waits for me.

kymber nailed it.  Good dog!

Little Maurine in her pretty new yellow halter.  She hates it.  The boys got new halters too, but they had halters before, just bigger ones now.  Maurine was halter-less and thought she was special.  She has no idea how special she really is.


  1. That is so funny that Mildred expects you to pick her food. Grazing is above her? LOL You're paying too much attention to the chickens? Funny girl.

  2. i love Mildred - she is just so dang cute. and demanding. and more like a dog than a cow. oh poor little Maurine hating her halter. poor girl. Wendy, you sound really good. i am so glad.

    your friend,

  3. Oh, Yellow! What a stylin girl! I agree with kymber, mildred sounds like a pup. Have you told her shes a cow? LOL!