Thursday, April 4, 2013

Pregnancy Check II

I checked the girls on March 27th. What a difference a week can make.
Mindy seems to be holding steady.

Dorie is gaining.  It's not proof of pregnancy by any means, she could just be well fed.  It's good to have a point of reference though.

Hay consumption has gone through the roof this week.  Two bales would last over a week most of the winter.  This week I don't think they'll make it 'til Saturday.  Increased appetites are a pretty good sign that a storm is on it's way.  Or someone is eating for two.  I'll be watching the weather.

No baby yet...


  1. There is no storm on the way here. I must be pregnant since I am eating so much. jk I can see the difference in the photos.

  2. Still No babies yet? Hope all is okay with Nelly. I'm not very good at waiting. ha ha ha