Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Frost Damage

Monday morning, after the frost, but before the sun.  Everything looks pretty much normal still.
A few hours later, once the sun has had a chance to warm things up.  It was a mild frost, only damaging the tops of delicate plants.  I could let these beans live on, until a harder frost kills them off, but I've had plenty of production this year.
One final picking, as I pull the plants up.  It's nice not having to bend over to pick the beans.  The plants are going to the turkey pen for fodder, the beans I sort and pull seeds from the largest ones, and freeze or eat the rest.
The hugelkultur beans are showing about the same rate of damages.  The height did not help them this time.
The squash outside are frazzled.
Inside the greenhouses, everything still looks good, strong and healthy.

Before and After- Perennial Bed Tomatoes
I picked off all the orange and larger tomatoes before the frost, but the plants still look pretty good. 
Even the salsa peppers made it through ok.  I do believe I have a microclimate here.
New room mates in the turkey pen.  No one is impressed.  In our efforts to keep Nanner and Sheila from getting knocked up this fall, we've moved them over here.  They don't like it.  They do like beans though, so it's a trade off.
And these two will be sad when the garden is done.  They've both inherited their grandpa's love of veggies.  Don't leave the veggie bucket on the floor.  They steal carrots!  lol.


  1. Oh, My! Goats cannot get knocked up. Turkeys have unwanted company. Dogs eat the produce! Such a lot to keep under control while picking stuff and putting it up. I just got up and I am

    I see what you have put up and have read what you grew, and I wonder what you had to buy to feed your family. Maybe a post in itself?

  2. Sorry about the frost damage but understand pulling the beans...I am so sick of canning beans lol
    The puppies are looking adorable.

    1. I don't want to say it out loud. We've had such a great season, after so many years of failure- but yeah, it's enough already, lol.

      Thank you!

  3. I can't believe how big the pups are getting. Little wonder 2 looks like he doing fine. Both are so adorable.

    Look at what I found out to do with rhubarb leaves. I thought you'd be interested with something like this. Hope the link post ok.

    1. He, he. Wonder 2 is Smitty. Thank you. I'm pleased with their progress.

      Thanks for the link.

  4. Summer is winding down fast! The hugel gardens in one of my gardening books are 4 feet tall. I wondered how tall yours are. I couldn't tell by the photo. It was helpful to hear how yours progressed through the season. Thanks for sharing that...and the photos of your critters. It's always fun to see the critters :-)

    Herdog, that was a great link. Thanks!

    1. The hugelculture bed we built in the spring is about 2.5 feet. The branches we have piled up for next year's bed are about three feet high, so will be about 5 feet high once we add compost in the spring.

      Thanks, Sue!