Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hay on the Way!

Tin is on the lean to.  I still need to climb up and tar over the holes (recycled tin that Husband and the Bigs got) to stop any leaks, but hay is on the way.  There's still some old hay to be moved as well.  We ended up just scraping it out onto the ground to get it done quicker.

Picking up hay.
We put fence wire up around the hay lean-to this year.  Mama and the kids had been sleeping in the old hay, along with the horses when they're on mowing duty.  Now they've moved into the old turkey shack (previous owner's).  You can see Shaq (at the back) is just as tall as Mama now.

Shiloh is coming along great. Still cute as a button, happily munching grass these days.  Still nursing as well.  #2 has taken Knightmare out for a couple of short rides, and Shiloh has accepted being on her own fairly well.  She doesn't like to be tied, but otherwise is doing well with the lead.

The Littles and I went out to trim chicken wings yesterday morning.  We've had a couple hop the fence and not make it back to the coop over night, which isn't safe for them.  I caught a hen, and just as I was picking her up, the rooster attacked me.  Spur to the back of my right hand, right across the vein.  That left me pretty useless for hay yesterday.  It's still swollen today, but doesn't hurt nearly as bad.  Rooster's name is now Asshole.  I couldn't even trim their wings afterward, couldn't work the scissors.  The Bigs had to take over for me, while Husband poured a gallon of peroxide on my hand and bandaged me up.

More hay today, then off to the park.  Happy Canada Day!


  1. Be careful climbing up there!

    It is good you have farmhands for things like getting hay.

    What is the story with the two pregnant cows and the one baby.

    Hey, the video was funny. Another video, The War of 1812 was a little rough! However, it was all in fun. I did like the way they used the tune from the Johnny Horton tune about the Battle of New Orleans.

    What was the reference to computer chips in hockey pucks all about? I don't follow sports.

    1. Of course :)

      No news is good news? I'll let you know if we ever find out.

      Yup, Johnny Horton rocks, but the Canadian version is better. ;)

      Americans were having trouble following the game, so Fox got permission to put computer chips in the pucks that made the puck easier to see.

  2. i was screaming through the whole video - bahahahah - especially the hockey pucks - bahahahahahah! good one Wendy! i hope your hand is all healing up and feels better when you read this. stay away from the hay until it is! i hope that you have a great time at the park! Happy Canada day buddy!

    it's not that we're better, it's just that we're less worse - bahahahahahahahah! your friend,

    1. lol, thanks, kymber.

      Still swollen, but not too sore now. Going to the hospital this morning.

  3. Hi, Wendy! That video was funny :-)

    Too bad the rooster attacked you. He must have thought you were going to hurt one of his girls. Silly bird, and it seems you have renamed him aptly! I hope your hand heals up quickly.

    Happy Canada Day!

    1. Thanks, Sue.

      Well, at least I know he looks after the girls!