Sunday, January 29, 2012


I guess I got a little lazy when we were buying all of that store bought bread.  Out of the habit of baking everyday, combined with everyone here wanting just one more slice, or one more sandwich, to enjoy this great bread, it shouldn't have come as any great shock that there was NO BREAD in the house yesterday morning to pack Husband's lunch for work.  Oops.  He left with a double serving of banana bread, some cheese and crackers.  Grumbling.

I rectified the situation with a triple batch yesterday.  This is Grandmother Bread, and absolutely delicious! 


  1. I am sorry, but I had to laugh at your husband's having to take banana bread for lunch. It is great and very difficult when the family loves what you bake or cook! Mama always saved back in an upper cabinet whatever us five children were liable to eat before Daddy could get his share. Of course, we were tall enough to get it and often found it. But, we knew it was off-limits. Anything we found on the counter or table was fair game.

    The bread looks delicious.

    I just cannot imagine having to keep four males full.

    1. Well, it didn't kill him, so I guess it made him stronger, lol. I have some in the freezer now, so it shouldn't happen again. The four boys will eat anything in sight, which is fine, until they tell Husband 'you should have tried that ... that mom made'. Then he feels a little left out.