Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Day In The Life

Woke up late today - 8:30 am.

Made a batch of calf milk replacer.  Sent #4 out to feed the calf. 

Washed dishes as I struggled to shake the foggies from my head.

9:00 am - did chores.  Filled water barrels.  Fed chickens, turkeys, ducks, goose.  Watered all.  Checked on the brooder box hen.  Still setting.  Fed dogs.  Sent #3 out with dogs to walk through turkey pen.  Three are missing.  Found one body in the pen with a small hole in the chest, and heart and innards missing.  Hung out the laundry.

10:00 am - made a new batch of doggie stew.  6 cups of rice, some sandwich meat that was dried out in the fridge, a left over chicken leg, four eggs, and a big bunch of dandelion greens.

10:30 am - made up a batch of poly filla and went upstairs to work on #1 and #2's room.  Filled holes.  Sent #3 and #4 into their room with scrapers to work on the floor.  The carpet padding stuck to the floor in chunks when we pulled the carpet out.  Got water bucket and cleaning cloth.  Washed walls in #3 & #4's room.  Taught #4 how to multiply while we worked.  Practiced, quizzed, and worked on memorization up to 3 times table.  More poly filla.  Filled holes in their room.

11:00 am - sent #4 out to feed calf.

1:00 pm - broke for lunch.  Visited with brother.  Got invited for BBQ tonight.  Sent #4 out with dogs to walk around turkey pen.  And pee.  Pee on the fence little boy!

2:00 pm - washed more dishes.  Fed calf.  Put away clean plastic bags.  Washed dirty plastic bags.

3:00 pm - more poly filla.  Ripped tape off hole in the wall on #1's side of the room.  Took pictures.  The previous owner had to cut out part of the wall on each side of the room to install beams in my room, to stop the ceiling/floor from caving in.  He taped over the edges of the drywall, and this is the first repair job since.  It's taking a lot of poly filla, and time, waiting for it to dry.  Filled most of #2's side, one more coat should do it.  Took computer break.  Started typing this post.

4:00 pm - picked rhubarb.  Weeded and mulched asparagus.  Started weeding pumpkins, but it started raining.  Went to work in the greenhouse instead.  Weeded greenhouse and moved the monster cucumber plant.  (It's not a cucumber.  Pumpkin, I think).  I tied it up on the logs.  It was taking over the whole greenhouse, smothering the beans and tomatoes.  I tied it up to the boards and logs.  Hopefully the beans will recuperate.  I have one little pepper growing and lots of flowers on the beans and tomatoes.

5:00 pm - put away turkeys.  Fed calf.  Tied up the dogs. 

5:30 pm - Went to dinner at my brother & sil's.

8:00 pm - Home again.  Put away chickens.  Fed calf.  Fed dogs.  Refilled doggie stew pot.  Talked to boys at camp.  Headed to bed.

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