Sunday, March 27, 2011

It's a Boy! (We Think)

#1 Moved Dorie into the chicken coop last night.  She was very swollen and had her tail dangling off to the side oddly.  I meant to check on her last night before I went to sleep, but passed out in front of the tv.  This morning I woke with a feeling of dread.  What if...

I walked out to the coop.  Mindy was standing outside beside the coop.  Lonely?  Distressed?  I don't know.  Quiet.

I stood outside the door listening.  Nothing.  Normally when Dorie hears or smells us coming she bangs on the door.  Not today.  Dread.

I opened the door.  She was still standing.  Relief.  I talked to her for a minute.  She was facing me and I wanted to get a look at her other end.  Normally she would back up so we could bring her feed in or open the other door.  And then I saw it, between her legs.  Another leg.  I bent down and looked underneath her.  She has a calf!

She finally backed up, swinging her head from side to side.  Looking at us.  Looking at her calf.

He was still damp, but clean.  A little wobbly, but on his feet.  She did it!  She did it all on her own!  She is awesome.

I let her sniff my hand.  That was ok.  I took a step toward her, and she lowered her horns.  Ok Dorie.  He's all yours.  We'll come bug you later, lol.

#1 went out about an hour later.  He of course, can get close enough to peek underneath the little one.  (Since he did most of the milking last year, Dorie acts like he was her calf.)  He claims he saw testicles.

#2 went out another hour or so later.  He reports Dorie and the calf were lying down at first, and then the calf got up and bounced around like a kid.  He flipped himself over and exposed himself, revealing testicles and a penis.

I'm going out again soon.  Will I get to look?  I don't think she trusts me not to try something crazy- like stealing her calf or milking her.  We'll see.

We have a calf!  And a cow!  Both alive and well!  Very happy here!!!


  1. Congratulations! Do you have a prior history of calf stealing? LOL

  2. Thank you! Not exactly. When Dorie's first calf was breached and stillborn we took it away from her right away. I'm not sure if she knew what happened. Then when Susie died delivering Nelly's twin, we took Nelly away from all of them. She's much more protective of Casper with me than she is with the boys. Although she is getting better.