Monday, December 13, 2010

Fancy Light Switches

Aren't they pretty?  They should be for $5.95 a piece.

And I only need 2 single light switch covers, one triple light switch cover, and 5 plug cover plates to do the living room...


How about I make my own?

A can of shiny brass spray paint (or silver or gold, or whatever you like) runs about $3-4.  And it'll cover all I need and more.

Just wash up your old cover plates and lay them out in a well ventilated area on a piece of cardboard.  Lay the screws out too.  Make sure you spray them from all four sides so you get all of the edges.  Easy-peasy, fancy-schmancy.
 Except, of course, for previous paint jobs that went right over the plugs & switches.  Debating on whether to try painting them as well...

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