Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pig is in the Freezer

After I wrote that glowing post about pig staying put and working so well in the garden, she decided to be a pain in my ass. Got to remember not to let critters read over my shoulder or something. She stopped digging in the garden, and started escaping. At first it was every three or four days. Then every other day. Then it seemed like a nightly routine. We'd feed & water her at night, and find her curled up in the flower bed in the morning. Then last week she started escaping about 20 minutes after we put her back in her pen. Enough.

We shot her yesterday, or rather, hubby shot her yesterday. Gutted, skinned & hung her in the garage over night. Normally we'd hang our meat for 7-10 days, but the weather is not agreeable to that at this time of year, so this morning we butchered her and put her in the freezer.

We figured the total cost of Pig was $105 (purchase price) + $38 (feed) = $143

We got the following meals packaged & in the freezer.
8 stew (which is actually 2-3 days worth of meat. I plan for leftovers)
14 chops
2 ribs
8 roasts
1 tenderloin
19 doggy stew ( I kept the leg & roast bones, leaving some meat attached, as well as the liver)

Lard is still rendering on the stove.

The chickens also feasted on all of the innards, saving us a couple of days feed there.

By grocery store prices, we figure we got close to $400 worth of pork, plus animal feed & lard. An excellent return on our investment.

And a little side note- both Waldo & Wonder took the gun shots like pros. They're going to be great hunting dogs.

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